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For those considering going on to graduate school

If you would like to learn more about the research, seminars, atmosphere, etc. at the Fukuzawa Laboratory, we will hold individual information sessions using ZOOM etc. We are available at any time, so please apply using the application form below. We also welcome applications from applicants from outside Nagoya University who are considering entering graduate school at our university.

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  "Sensing engineering" is the research field that creates new technologies through measurements using sensing systems and devices. "High precision sensing" enables the establishment of high-performance machines (e.g., ultra-low fuel consumption cars, long-lived satellites, etc.). "Micro-Nano Sensing" enables the intelligence of mechanical systems (e.g., robots, automatic driving, etc.). "Intelligent sensing" enables the further development of machines (e.g., Ultra-high precision systems using artificial intelligence, etc.).
  Our goal is to become a pioneer of a new research field of sensing engineering, aiming at technological innovation for "High precision sensing," "Micro-Nano Sensing," and "Intelligent sensing." We collaborate with the Graduate School of Informatics (Ohka Lab. and Zhang Lab.) to apply information technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to sensing engineering. Our research has a wide range of applications, including "high-precision mechanical systems" (e.g., smartphone memories and hard disk drives, etc.), "mechanical mobility systems" (e.g., automobile engines, etc.), "medical and bio-applied systems" (e.g., artificial joints and DNA analysis chips, etc.), and "micro-nano machines" Our research has attracted the attention of companies. Also, students have the opportunity to broaden their research and learning, such as social experiences through joint research with companies.



・Advanced sensing technology for high functionality of automobiles and spacecraft
・Nano-sensing mechanical systems based on microfabrication technology
・Highly accurate and functional nano-sensing based on machine learning


・Microfluidic devices for biomolecular analysis for rapid diagnosis
・Biomimetic mechanical design for next-generation artificial joints
・Highly accurate biomolecular analysis using a combination of bioimaging and machine learning


・Clarification of human tactile functions: Artificial tactile sensation in humanoid robots
・Motion illusions: Application to virtual reality and rehabilitation
・Cooperative work between humans and robots based on tactile and visual information


・Design of high-performance surfaces for automobile engines using molecular dynamics simulation
・Analysis of molecular behavior and chemical reactions using molecular dynamics simulation collaborated with machine learning


1. You can learn advanced nano-sensing engineering

Since "nano" is at the molecular level, an optical microscope cannot observe the phenomena. Therefore, nano-sensing systems and devices are based on unprecedented new measurement principles. In our laboratory, there are a lot of cutting-edge instruments such as atomic force microscopes, ellipsometry microscopes, and scanning electron microscopes, which students can operate to promote the research by themselves. Since contaminations in the air have a micrometer size 1000 times larger than nano), they tend to interfere with high-precision nano-sensing. In our laboratory, there is a clean room for achieving nano-sensing.


2. You can design and manufacture your own original devices and systems.

Our laboratory's motto is "manufacturing," where students develop their original sensing systems and devices. Students design the systems and devices based on their ideas using CAD and FEM (Finite Element Method) and fabricate them using machining and microfabrication techniques. Through experiments using their own original devices, they can clarify new phenomena that cannot be observed using conventional instruments. Students can experience the sense of accomplishment in our laboratory that comes from seeing their ideas take shape. Therefore, our research is suitable for students who like mechanical engineering.


3. You can learn machine learning and artificial intelligence

Students proceed with their research in collaboration with the Graduate School of Informatics (Ohka Lab. and Zhang Lab.) and challenge to innovate advanced sensing engineering by combining our sensing technologies with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Therefore, students can acquire knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering and informatics, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. After graduating from our laboratory, you will be able to work as a "mechanical engineer who understands information technology."


Graduation seminar

A seminar for fourth-year students by fourth-year students, held once a week for a total of eight times. Learn basic research knowledge and develop presentation and discussion skills.

graduation research

After completing the graduate school examination, a research theme will be decided based on each student's wishes, and graduation research will begin. Independence is required when carrying out research. There is no core time, so you can allocate research time, hobby time, and part-time work time and conduct research according to your own style.

Studying for graduate school exams

Graduate school entrance exams are the crux of the first semester of the fourth year. At Fukuzawa Lab, you can concentrate on studying for the graduate school exam except for the graduation seminar. Complete with past questions and answers, you can study for the graduate school exam in a fulfilling environment.

Softball/futsal tournament

Our department holds a softball tournament in the first semester and a futsal tournament in the second semester for laboratory competition. There are many people in the Fukuzawa lab who also like sports, and they actively practice and do other activities, achieving good results in competitions. In 2019, we won the softball tournament.

Drinking party/camping trip

Fukuzawa Lab regularly holds drinking parties and meat parties. Also, during the long summer vacation, lab members go camping. Through these opportunities, you will be able to communicate with both seniors and juniors, so I am sure you will have a fulfilling life in the laboratory.


Toyota Motors, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Denso, Bridgestone, Aisin Seiki, Komatsu, Chubu Electric Power, ANA(as a pilot), JR Tokai, Toho Gas, Hitachi, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Shimadzu, Olympus, Fujifilm, Mitsui Chemicals, University(as an academician)

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